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Fallout from Israeli elections: peace at last?
In this article for Crikey, Thawley Scholar Jack Georgieff argues the recent coalition talks by Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu will not produce a government conducive…
2012 Australia-India Roundtable Report: Outcomes Statement and Summary of Proceedings
The relationship between Australia and India is poised at an historic moment. Consciously overcoming a challenging period, leaders of the two countries have realised new levels of…
Remarks at the launch of the India Poll 2013
On 20 May 2013, The Lowy Institute launched the India Poll 2013 at the Observer Research Foundation in New Delhi. Indian Minister of Information and Broadcasting, Mr Manish Tewari…
Australia-France Strategic Dialogue: Co-Chairs' Report
Australia and France are well-placed to help each other advance their security interests in a rapidly changing world. Despite differences of geography, these two countries share…
Five lessons on leadership from FDR
In an opinion piece for the Wall Street Journal, Lowy Institute Executive Director Michael Fullilove outlines five important lessons on leadership from FDR.Michael Fullilove
Obama needs an FDR-like foreign policy pivot
In an opinion piece in the LA Times, Lowy Institute Executive Director Michael Fullilove writes that FDR combined meticulous planning and adroit public relations to reorient the U…
Kevin 2.0: Looking for a Regional Solution on Asylum Seekers
In this commentary for for CSIS' CogitAsia blog, Lowy Institute research associate Jack Georgieff analyses the contours of the asylum seeker debate in Australia alongside its…
New Zealand-U.S. defense relations: A possible return to the alliance?
In this article on The Diplomat's Flashpoints blog, Lowy Institute Thawley Scholar Jack Georgieff looks at what it might take for a return to ally status between the United…
The U.S.-New Zealand partnership: An alliance in all but name
In this CSIS commentary, Lowy Institute Thawley Scholar Jack Georgieff argues that U.S.-New Zealand relations have returned to an alliance in all but name, and that an…