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Australia’s great and powerful friends: Podcast out now

Michael Fullilove discusses Boris Johnson, Donald Trump and Scott Morrison.

Australia’s great and powerful friends: Podcast out now

In the latest episode of the Lowy Institute’s new half-hour podcast, Rules Based Audio, I am talking to Lowy Institute Executive Director Michael Fullilove about the state of play between Canberra, Washington and London.  

Allies with close historical and political ties, the three countries also have relatively new conservative leaders. With a Brexit-obsessed new Prime Minister in the UK and an unpredictable President in the White House, are Australia’s “great and powerful friends”, in Menzies’ famous phrase, looking quite as close or reliable as they once did?

Dr Fullilove is the Executive Director of the Lowy Institute, a Nonresident Senior Fellow at Brookings and he also serves on the Council of the International Institute for Strategic Studies in London. He is the author of several books, including Rendezvous with Destiny: How Franklin D Roosevelt and Five Extraordinary Men took America into the War and into the World which won the NSW Premier’s Literary Award for Non-fiction. 

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