Tuesday 22 Jan 2019 | 13:38 | SYDNEY
Tuesday 22 Jan 2019 | 13:38 | SYDNEY

China links: APEC, positive energy, one-child policy, pollution, CBMs, Africa and more



19 November 2014 11:10

  • Bonnie Glaser writes that the two US-China military CBMs, inked recently in Beijing, signal Xi Jinping's intent to establish a more cooperative relationship with the US military. 
  • China's newly built bridge to North Korea remains unused because DPRK authorities refuse to connect it to the North Korean road network.
  • Latest Sinica podcast on the outcomes of Beijing's APEC summit, featuring Evan Feigenbaum and Damien Ma.
  • Here at the Interpreter, Sam has gathered together analysis on the new US-China climate deal.  
  • China's pollution protests could be slowed by stronger rule of law.
  • Can China’s silk road vision coexist with a Eurasian Union? 
  • China’s maritime silk road is all about Africa.
  • China Media Project on Xi Jinping's pet propaganda term 'positive energy', which is part of a  'full frontal attack on negativity. Not just in journalism, on the internet, in arts and culture, and in academia, mind you, but in China’s foreign and trade relations as well.'
  • Despite a loosening of family planning laws last year, only 6% of the 11 million couples newly eligible for a second child have applied for a second birth permit. 
  • The fattest of corrupt Chinese flies: RMB120 million (US$20 million) in cash, 37kg of gold bullion and ownership documents for 68 homes were found in the home of a low ranking official. Check out this slideshow if you're wondering what RMB120 million in cash looks like.


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