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Darshana Baruah

Darshana M. Baruah is working for the ORF Maritime Initiative, and tracks and analyses developments in the Indo-Pacific region. Currently she is working on the strategic implications of China’s infrastructure and connectivity projects in the Indian Ocean region. She writes regularly for national media on maritime issues, such as India's naval strategy, India's naval engagement with the region, geopolitical developments in the Indian Ocean region, India's maritime strategic outlook and the South China Sea. She is also Associate Editor of the South China Sea Monitor, a monthly bulletin that curates and analyses ongoing developments in the region.

Darshana completed her Masters in International Relations from Cardiff University in 2012 with a thesis on South China Sea: the changing power dynamics. She has previously worked with the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses and the United Nations Association Wales (UNA Wales).

Articles by Darshana Baruah (5)

  • South China Sea ruling: India takes a stand

    The South China Sea dispute verdict has been delivered in favour of the Philippines, and the infamous 'nine dash line' now has no basis in international law. Without taking sides on the dispute, India has chosen to take a stand on the principle and application of international law, issuing a statement that said: 'As a State Party to the United Nations Convention on the Law Of the Sea (UNCLOS), India urges all parties to show utmost respect for the UNCLOS, which establishes the international lega
  • Australia and India don't see eye to eye on the Indo-Pacific

    The maritime relationship between India and Australia has been on an upward trajectory since the 2014 Australia-India Framework for Security Cooperation. A lack of past interaction meant there was ample room for collaboration. The pace of development in the relationship has been quick, and includes a bilateral exercise, regular meetings between defence ministers, and a new White Shipping Agreement.
  • Beyond the Indian Ocean: India in the South Pacific

    India’s connection with the South Pacific Islands has traditionally been fairly limited, despite a sizeable ethnic Indian population in Fiji. However, the relationship is gaining momentum under Prime Minister Modi’s government, and not just with Fiji but across  the South Pacific.
  • What India thinks about the South China Sea

    Developments in the South China Sea are bringing India into a debate it generally maintains a distance from. India's shift in its maritime policies and a relatively vocal stand on the issue may be a signs of a future where India is willing to play a more direct role in the South China Sea. However, the reality on the ground couldn't be further from this scenario.