Elisa Choy

Elisa Choy is an economist, advisor, and global speaker with over 20 years’ experience turning data into decisions. Elisa has accurately predicted the winner of The Voice Australia three years straight, MasterChef Australia 2020, the US Presidential Election 2020, the Tasmanian State Election 2021, among other topical events. She predicted the rise of the women’s voice leading to the large turnout at the March for Justice protest event in Australia in 2020 and the rise of Covid-19 vaccine hesitancy in Australia in 2021.

Elisa is founder of Maven Data, the world’s first AI-powered strategic market research company that predicts trends to advise business, industry and government. She has worked with government, academia, SMEs and ASX10 including BHP, Woolworths, Caltex, Seven West Media, the University of Sydney, and the Commonwealth Government. 

Elisa holds degrees in Economics (Econometrics), Commerce (Accounting) and Postgraduate Finance from the University of Queensland. 

You can follow her insights on Linkedin, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram.

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