Tania Penovic

Dr Tania Penovic is the research group leader in gender and sexuality for the Castan Centre for Human Rights Law and senior lecturer at Monash University. She will soon start a new role as Associate Professor in Law at the Faculty of Business and Law at Deakin University.   

Dr Penovic is an award-winning researcher with expertise in gender equality and women’s human rights and has published numerous book chapters and journal articles on access to justice, women’s human rights, constitutional law and the rights of asylum seekers and refugees. Her research has influenced legislative reform and been cited by the High Court of Australia and the Supreme Court of Victoria and relied upon in submissions to international courts including the European Court of Human Rights. She has provided numerous submissions to state, federal and international inquiries into law reform and human rights which have been cited in federal and state parliaments and reports of the UN Human Rights Council.

Dr Penovic has trained judges and government officials from Australia and foreign government officials in gender equality and human rights and provided training for Victorian judges in the operation of human rights legislation.

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