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Episode 2 of Rules Based Audio, “The Terrorist’s Wife” out now

The Lowy Institute has a new half-hour, fornightly podcast.

Episode 2 of Rules Based Audio, “The Terrorist’s Wife” out now

Episode 2 of the Lowy Institute’s brand new podcast, Rules Based Audio, is out today.

In The Terrorist’s Wife – the role of women in jihad, Lowy Research Fellow Lydia Khalil discusses women who join Islamist extremist groups and lays out the risks involved if we continue to make gendered assumptions about these so-called ‘jihadi brides’. She also talks about how the violently misogynistic Islamic State surprisingly expanded the role of women in jihad further than any terrorist group before it.

Ahead of her forthcoming research paper for the institute on the role of women and children in jihad, we discuss the complicated issue of what to do with foreign recruits to Islamic State who are now in refugee camps. Should they be brought home to the countries they left behind for the caliphate? What about their children?

Prior to joining Lowy, Khalil was an international affairs fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York where she analysed political and security trends in the Middle East; she also advised the US Department of Defense in Iraq, and the Boston and New York police departments on intelligence and counterterrorism issues.

Rules Based Audio is a half-hour, fortnightly podcast covering stories from the cracks and faultlines in the global order. Each episode, I’ll be talking to experts and leading thinkers from Australia and around the world, going deep into the complex forces shaping global politics.

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