Today, the Lowy Institute for International Policy releases the results of its annual poll on Australian attitudes to the world.

The Lowy Institute Poll 2013 finds that more Australians of voting age (by a margin of over two to one) think the Coalition would do a better job than Labor on five of eight key issues: managing the economy, foreign investment, asylum seekers, the US alliance and national security. Labor leads on two issues: managing the relationship with China and the response to climate change. There was no clear difference between the Government and Opposition on the issue of managing relations with Asia.

Despite most Australians seeing China as the most important economy to Australia, more Australians place a higher value on our relationship with the US than with China. Australians still overwhelmingly support the US alliance, and support for basing US forces in Australia has increased to 61% (up 6 points since 2011).

Meanwhile, sentiments towards China have cooled, its 'thermometer' rating falling 5 points, and 57% of Australians think Australia is allowing too much investment from China.

Nevertheless, the vast majority (87%) say it is possible for Australia to have a good relationship with China and the US at the same time.

Above, watch Lowy Research Fellow and poll author Alex Oliver discuss the key findings in this year's poll with Michael Fullilove. Over coming weeks The Interpreter will have analysis from Lowy Institute fellows and others on key themes in this year's Poll. Please feel free to submit your thoughts via You can follow the Twitter debate via the #LowyPoll2013 hashtag.