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Migration and Border Policy links: climate migration, African mobility, Manus Island and more

This week's links include a new research network on African Migration, a UNHCR fact sheet on Manus Island, and a new UN migration podcast.

Kakuma Refugee Camp | Photo Tom Albinson (flickr)
Kakuma Refugee Camp | Photo Tom Albinson (flickr)
Published 21 Dec 2017   Follow @ErinHarrisAU

  • Humanitarian Advisory Group and Nirapad released a report into the leadership during the first 100 days of the Rohingya crisis, examining issues of funding and organisational response to crises.
  • A new podcast, Together Pod, from UN Migration, tells the human stories of migrants and people seeking asylum. Season 1 launched on International Migrants Day, December 18.
  • Also on International Migrants Day, Owen Barder and Euan Ritchie at the evelopment, argue for refugees to be seen as a boon rather than a burden. They suggested ways to help migrants make a larger contribution to the economies of the countries that host them.
  • A UNHCR fact sheet details security and well-being concerns for refugees and asylum seekers on Manus Island, issuing a list of recommendations.
  • Adela Sullivan calls for a global agreement on the international law surrounding climate migration, pointing out that the 1951 Refugee Convention covers only those fleeing from persecution, war and conflict.
  • The Department of Immigration and Border Protection officially rolled into the newly created Department of Home Affairs on Wednesday. This move was thoroughly debated here on The Interpreter when it was first announced back in July. Undoubtedly, the impact of this on Australia’s immigration infrastructure will be closely watched in 2018.
  • How will Brexit effect European migration? The Financial Times reports that the second quarter of 2017 saw the lowest ever net migration to the UK from the European Union since records began.
  • A new research network on African Migration, Mobility, and Displacement (AMMODI!), launched this month, with a blog showcasing research, policy, and field notes on African mobility. To date, contributions have included research advice for ethical working with refugees, the practicalities of researching Mediterranean arrivals, the efficacy of frameworks in reducing onward migration, and the camp ecology of Kakuma.

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