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Migration and border policy links: Libya slave trade, Facebook people smugglers, and more

Migration links compiled by The Interpreter team.

Sisters wait at a before crossing in Greece in 2015 (Photo: IOM/Flickr)
Sisters wait at a before crossing in Greece in 2015 (Photo: IOM/Flickr)
Published 14 Dec 2017   Follow @ErinHarrisAU

  • The International Organization for Migration has released the 2018 World Migration Report.
  • More than 60 asylum seekers were transferred from Manus Island to Port Moresby this week for further meetings relating to a possible relocation to the United States. The New York Times identifies feelings of both hope and doubt among refugees over the outcome of the process.
  • The UN Security Council has condemned the slave trade of migrants in Libya. At the Washington Post, Karen Attiah argues that responsibility for halting the practice must not be seen as Libya's alone.
  • The International Organisation for Migration has called on Facebook to do more to combat people smugglers luring migrants via the site.
  • The US unexpectedly withdrew from participating in last week's Global Compact on Migration preparatory meetings, claiming participation was incompatible with US national sovereignty. At ODI, Marta Foresti discusses what the US withdrawal means for the Compact and articulates a way forward for the negotiations.
  • At Protection Gateway, Phil Orchard also discusses the US withdrawal from negotiations and makes the case for an explicit inclusion of Internally Displaced People in the Compact.
  • In the New Yorker, a look at the ongoing migrant crisis in Europe and how the EU-Turkey deal is failing.
  • New Zealand has proposed introducing a world-first humanitarian visa for those affected by climate change. Alex Randall critiques this proposal in The Diplomat. At The Conversation, Jane Hopkins identifies 6 key considerations for the new NZ Labor government to make these visas successful.
  • Watch the closing keynote address from the 2017 Kaldor Centre Conference from Ambassador David Donoghue, Former Permanent Representative of Ireland to the United Nations - 'The 2018 Global Refugee Compact: An opportunity to revisit the international protection regime?


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