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Migration and Border Policy links: Skill shortages, Mosul, the UK labour market and more

How refugee health workers could fulfil skill shortages, how many foreign nationals make up the UK labour market, and more.

Photo: Flickr/United Nations
Photo: Flickr/United Nations
Published 13 Apr 2017   Follow @rebuckland

  • The Kaldor Centre's Jane McAdam unpacks the international legal frameworks to assist people displaced by disasters and climate change.
  • Writing for the Brookings Institution, the World Bank's Kent Garber considers how refugee doctors, nurses and health workers could fulfil skill shortages and alleviate strains on global health systems.
  • The Migration Policy Institute has published a report on Canadian refugee resettlement, integration and outcomes.
  • With reports of food and water shortages, UNHCR has opened a new refugee camp in Hammam al-Alil to house Iraqis fleeing conflict in western Mosul.
  • With Brexit looming, a report from the UK Office for National Statistics has revealed that foreign nationals make up 11% of the entire UK labour market, with EU nationals making up 7% and non-EU nationals 4%. Read BBC's summary of the key findings.
  • Fergus Hunter and Eryk Bagshaw discuss immigration, 'the most important, and most sensitive, factor in Australian politics'.
  • Two Australians, Professor Ben Saul and Dr Anne Gallagher, have nominated themselves for the position of UN Special Rapporteur on the human rights of migrants.
  • A new proposal seeks to provide on-demand access to migrant offenders' citizenship information in an intelligence-sharing initiative between immigration officials and police, reports the Herald Sun.
  • Listen to NPR's John Burnett report on a border secuity expo in San Antonio:


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