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Migration and Border Policy links: US ructions, Yemen, refugee return and more

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Protestors at a Not My President Day event In New York on 20 February (Photo: Andy Katz/Getty Images)
Protestors at a Not My President Day event In New York on 20 February (Photo: Andy Katz/Getty Images)
Published 23 Feb 2017 

By Rachael Buckland, an intern with the Lowy Institute's Migration and Border Policy project.

  • US Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly released two memos detailing the departmental implementation of Trump’s executive orders on border security and immigration enforcement. The NYT Editorial Board has labelled Trump’s deportation policy an assault on American values.
  • Over 240 Canadian law professors have joined forces to query the legality of directing back refugee claimants at the Canada-US border under the Safe Third Country Agreement.
  • The Refugee Council of Australia published State of the Nation, a report drawing on the experiences of refugees and offering policy recommendations to the Australian government.
  • In light of acute funding shortfalls, UNHCR’s Shabia Mantoo discusses the situation in Yemen.
  • MPI’s Elizabeth Collett critiques the rationale behind the EU’s drive to collaborate further with North Africa on migration.
  • Writing for COMPAS, Myriam Cherti discusses how states are re-embracing 'voluntary' return policy to deal with contemporary irregular migrant flows.
  • IMI’s Marieke van Houte finds fault in an EU policy approach linking refugee return and development in Afghanistan.
  • The OECD published IPPMD, a report drawing on the nexus between development and migration to underline the importance of a whole-of-government approach to migration policy in developing countries.
  • Writing for Refugees Deeply, Benjamin Hounsell reflects on the role of regional innovation and the digital divide between refugees in sub-Saharan Africa and Europe.
  • Watch IOM’s In Their Own Words and Voices, a documentary highlighting the experiences of refugees, IDPs and migrants in the Middle East.


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