Our weekly round-up of news, commentary & analysis from and about the Pacific island region.

  • Martyn Namarong riffs on his contribution to last week's PNG New Voices to think further about the 'People's Economy'.
  • In Solomon Islands, a group of environment professionals have come together to provide advice and analysis to support sustainable development.
  • The European Union has confirmed that restoration of development assistance to Fiji is contingent on the holding of 'credible elections' in September rather than achieving the 13 specific commitments identified in 2007, including restoration of the Great Council of Chiefs.
  • The concepts of identity and anonymity take on new significance in the realm of online communication in Melanesia.
  • New Zealand Prime Minister John Key has indicated that there will be a small increase in the intake of seasonal labour from the Pacific island region.
  • If your question is 'how do I access legislation and case law from Pacific island countries?' then your answer is  the Pacific Legal Information Institute (PacLII). It's free to use.
  • In an extended interview with Ticky Fullerton, Managing Director of Oil Search Peter Botten is upbeat about doing business in PNG.