Ian Wing writes:

I think Rodger Shanahan made a valid point about the DVA website's choice of words about ANZAC. DVA got it wrong, albeit on a relatively minor issue of historical accuracy that neglected the fact that British, French and Indian troops outnumbered our own. Nonetheless, the response to his post that tried to defend DVA was too harsh, I feel.

Sometimes I wonder if the posts and responses on The Interpreter get a little too heated and, as a result, people's feelings probably get hurt unnecessarily. Maybe your contributors could be encouraged to always write with grace and humility (and even with a sense of humour when appropriate). Posts written in that vein generally come across better anyway. 

The alternative to this outcome is that continued heated posts may frighten some potential posters. This may dissuade them from chancing their hand by sending a post. After all, no-one likes to be attacked, especially on a public website.

Keep up the great work!