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Southeast Asia links: Jokowi's first month, ASEAN Summit, Chinese cash and more

Southeast Asia links: Jokowi's first month, ASEAN Summit, Chinese cash and more
Published 18 Nov 2014   Follow @elliotbrennan

  • It was a big week of summitry, and a full round-up of all the week's happenings will follow shortly. Thein Sein's opening address to ASEAN emphasised the importance of taking strong steps toward the ASEAN Community. Senior minister Soe Thane argued in a NY Times op-ed that Myanmar's transition needs time.
  • The White House released its round-up of the ASEAN-US Summit meetingObama took questions from young Southeast Asian leaders during his visit, including what he would do if he were President of Myanmar (14:30).
  • China came to the summit proposing a friendship treaty with ASEAN and with $20 billion for its Southeast Asian friends. Beijing signed $7.8 billion in deals with Myanmar and between $500-700 million annually in development loans to Cambodia. On the latter, Carl Thayer, noted that: 'The money is meant to send a message that China is the big sugar daddy of Southeast Asia and will outbid the US. It's a lesson for Laos, Myanmar and Singapore that supporting China will be rewarded.'
  • Joshua Kurlantzick took the red pen and graded Jokowi's first month. A Jakarta Globe editorial argued that  'A ballooning fuel subsidy that only benefits the nation's rich is President Joko Widodo's real challenge'.
  • Over at CSIS, Phuong Ngyuyen looked forward to the challenges of the Malaysian chairmanship of ASEAN in 2015. Ernie Bower argued that economics will remain the imperative in Southeast Asia.
  • Vietnam's president spoke on APEC and his country's moves toward a regional FTA. Meanwhile, Vietnam's formerly embattled PM received a strong vote of confidence from lawmakers. 
  • Each year in the US state of Oregon, a group of men gather to re-enact the Vietnam War:


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