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Video: What a Trump rally is like

Video: What a Trump rally is like

I confess I didn't sit through the whole 20 minutes of this film, all filmed with shaky phone cameras, though nicely edited. But I did find parts of it revealing:


You sense from his supporters that Trump's campaign is almost pure emotion. Most of those interviewed in this film cite not a single policy issue among their reasons for supporting Trump. They talk about saving the country, taking the country back ('from whom?', I wanted to ask), bringing America back together and restoring respect. Other than building a wall between the US and Mexico, they don't mention any specific things they want to see achieved. Nor do they cite self-interest. Most of these middle-income voters have gone backwards in recent years, yet they are evidently not motivated by the hip-pocket.

Clearly, Trump rallies don't attract a lot of people who are still making up their minds; everyone has strongly held beliefs. Not too surprising, I suppose, but can you picture a scene of equal fervour in Australia? It's hard to imagine Australians being this politically motivated. Then again, maybe we just haven't been pushed as hard as Americans have.

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