The 2008 Lowy Institute Poll: Australia and the world
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The 2008 Lowy Institute Poll: Australia and the world

The fourth annual Lowy Institute Poll surveys a nationally representative sample of Australians on a range of foreign policy issues and contains a number of new questions. These cover attitudes towards Japanese whaling, foreign investment in Australia, China, the US presidential election, climate change, Australia’s international reputation under the new Rudd government, and uranium.

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Key Findings
  • Australians are vehement anti-whalers. Of four possible viewpoints, a majority chose the most uncompromising anti-whaling position.
  • 90% of Australians say the government has a responsibility to ensure major Australian companies are kept in majority Australian control.
  • 56% of Australians say Australia should not continue to be involved militarily in Afghanistan.

Executive Summary

For a full PDF version of the poll, click here.

Areas of expertise: Ediplomacy/digital diplomacy; opinion polling; Australia-Indonesia relations; Chinese aid in the Pacific