The 2009 Lowy Institute Poll
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The 2009 Lowy Institute Poll

The fifth annual Lowy Institute Poll surveys a nationally representative sample of Australians on a broad range of foreign policy issues. New questions this year cover the priority given to action on climate change, public attitudes towards relations with the US and China, foreign investment, asylum seekers, how to deal with Iran, and perceptions about nuclear threats.

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Key Findings
  • 71% of Australians agree with seeking a temporary UN Security Council seat.
  • Of seven regional powers the United States is the most trusted.
  • Of the 95% of Australians who say China already is or will become the leading power in Asia, 52% were uncomfortable about this.

Executive Summary

For a full PDF version of the poll, click here.

Areas of expertise: Ediplomacy/digital diplomacy; opinion polling; Australia-Indonesia relations; Chinese aid in the Pacific