Environmental consequences of rising energy use in China
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Environmental consequences of rising energy use in China

The emergence of China as an economic power has important implications for energy use and environmental outcomes at the local, regional and global levels. China is currently the world's third largest energy producer and the second largest energy consumer. 

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Executive Summary

Although China has for several decades started to address environmental problems, the focus on energy as a source of economic growth has dominated the energy debate in China. This is beginning to change as income levels in China make the environment a more important issue and as environmental quality continues to deteriorate.
This paper gives an overview of the environmental consequences of energy use in China with a focus on what responses might alleviate current and future problems.

Working Paper in International Economics, No. 8.05, by Professor Warwick McKibbin.

Areas of expertise: Climate change policy; globalisation and disease; international macroeconomic policy; international trade policy; global demographic change; global economic modeling