The Lowy Institute Poll 2007
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The Lowy Institute Poll 2007

The third Lowy Institute Poll surveys a nationally representative sample of Australians on their attitudes towards the US alliance, the government’s consular responsibilities, migrant worker schemes, and the nuclear threat posed by Iran. It also includes the results of parallel surveys carried out in both Australia and New Zealand covering political union, economic integration, and trans-Tasman imbalances.

‘31% of New Zealanders think political union would be good for New Zealand, whereas 43% of Australians think it would be good for Australia.’

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Key Findings
  • Of all external threats to Australians, climate change causes the most concern, with 55% ‘very worried’ about it.
  • 81% of Australians feel the government should assist Australians caught up in dangerous events overseas.
  • Australians are receptive to the idea of allowing unskilled migrant workers into Australia for limited periods.

Executive Summary

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