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Policy Briefs
Dropping the autopilot: improving Australia defence diplomacy
Australia’s military forces have often acted as effective agents of international policy. But while defence diplomacy has complemented Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade…
Policy Briefs
A digital DFAT: joining the 21st century
Ediplomacy is no longer a boutique extra. Serious foreign ministries are embracing it to do their jobs more effectively and efficiently. Australia’s own Department of Foreign…
Policy Briefs
Confronting the Crisis of International Climate Policy
Copenhagen failed to produce an agreement on climate change commensurate with the scale of the problem, highlighting the fundamental weaknesses in the existing UN framework. …
Policy Briefs
Indonesia and Australia: time for a step change
The relationship with Indonesia is one of Australia’s most important but it is still not on a firm footing. Government-to-government ties have been strengthening but relations are…
Policy Briefs
Capital flows, the carry trade and and in the wheels'
The 'carry trade', in which capital shifts from countries with low interest rates to countries with significantly higher rates, has become an important element of international…
Policy Briefs
Obama surge
In a new Lowy Institute Policy Brief, West Asia Program Director Anthony Bubalo considers the implications of President Obama’s decision to send additional US troops to…
Policy Briefs
Problems to partnership: a plan for Australia-India strategic ties
Australia and India must not squander the chance to build a strategic partnership, argues Rory Medcalf. Bilateral difficulties over student welfare have at least focused high…
Policy Briefs
Caught in the crossfire: the Pashtun tribes of Southeast Afghanistan
In a new Lowy Institute Policy Brief, Tom Gregg argues the importance of a more effective engagement of Afghanistan’s tribes, particularly in the country’s south east.Tom Gregg
Policy Briefs
A G-20 caucus for East Asia
In September 2009, the Pittsburgh Summit designated the G-20 as the world’s premier forum for international cooperation. The G-20 gives East Asia a significant presence at the top…