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Policy Briefs
Rebuilding Zimbabwe: Australia role in supporting the transition
Last month marked the first anniversary of the 2008 power-sharing accord that resulted in the creation of a new unity government in Zimbabwe. Joel Negin and Jolyon Ford assess…
Policy Briefs
Unconventional partners: Australia-India cooperation in reducing nuclear dangers
In this Policy Brief, International Security Program Director Rory Medcalf and his Indian co-author Amandeep Gill argue that an innovative partnership between Australia and India…
Policy Briefs
External imbalances and the G20
In a new Policy Brief, Stephen Grenville argues that the Global Financial Crisis has changed the form of the external imbalances problem, but not removed it.   Stephen…
Policy Briefs
Message to the G20: Defeating protectionism begins at home
On 16 November last year, G20 leaders made a commitment to resist protectionism. According to the World Bank, by the end of February 2009, seventeen of the twenty had already …
Policy Briefs
Australia poisoned alumni: international education and the costs to Australia
In this new Lowy Institute Policy Brief, Executive Director Michael Wesley analyses the multi-faceted international student debate. It canvasses the dynamics of the international…
Policy Briefs
A tighter net: strengthening the Proliferation Security Initiative
In a new Lowy Institute Policy Brief, non-proliferation scholar Emma Belcher urges practical steps for WMD non-proliferation at sea.Emma Belcher
Policy Briefs
China: stumbling through the Pacific
A new Policy Brief on China's aid program in the Pacific provides the most detailed picture yet of China's approach to aid-giving in the region. Fergus Hanson
Policy Briefs
Mass poverty in Asia and the GFC
In addition to the current Global Financial Crisis (GFC), there is a second global crisis: long-term poverty in the third world. Peter McCawley
Policy Briefs
Fiji: the flailing state
The abrogation of Fiji's constitution could precipitate an economic collapse in Fiji, jeopardising regional stability and Australia's interests.Jenny Hayward-Jones