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Aid and development links: food security in China, AI in development, and more

Links and stories from the aid and development sector.

Bono at One Power summit (Photo: James Townsend/Flickr)
Bono at One Power summit (Photo: James Townsend/Flickr)
Published 12 Mar 2018   Follow @AlexandreDayant

  • An interesting article by David Cyranoski shows how evidence-based approaches in rural China improved food security while protecting the environment.
  • The signing of a £100-million UK–Saudi aid partnership has been met with fury from opposition MPs and the aid sector, with deep concerns expressed about Saudi Arabia’s role in the Yemen conflict.
  • David McKenzie, lead economist at the world bank, summarises the key ideas he took away from the “Artificial Intelligence and Development” conference held in San Francisco last week.
  • The One Campaign, co-founded by Bono to fight extreme poverty and preventable diseases, is being sued for harassment and misconduct.
  • Jonathan Pryke, Director of the Lowy Institute’s Pacific Islands Program, wrote up his 3-Minute Aid Pitch from last month’s Australasian Aid Conference, in which he argues for the professionalisation of aid advocacy in Australia.
  • This conversation with aid workers in Nepal, Rwanda, and Ethiopia sheds light on how International Women Day was commemorated in different contexts.
  • An interesting piece by Tenzin Lhaden, the World Bank’s Economist and Operations Officer for Bhutan, explains what the country has done to move towards gender equality.
  • Alice Ridge and Juliet Hunt present Australian Council for International Development qualitative research and key findings on how gender audits can be turned into practice within international organisations.

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