Saturday 23 Feb 2019 | 17:29 | SYDNEY
Saturday 23 Feb 2019 | 17:29 | SYDNEY

China links: Phantom staff, Japanese TV, tuna fishing, Xi-Abe, Hong Kong and more



8 October 2014 09:39

  • 162,629 'phantom' staff (officials who have been receiving salaries but not working) have been sacked in the last year.
  • A Xi Jinping-Shinzo Abe meeting is not that important.
  • In a draft prospective to investors ahead of a public listing on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, Chinese tuna company CTIG admits it breaches international fishing agreements but adds there is little risk of being held responsible because quotas are not binding.
  • Hong Kong protests, which are ebbing but not over,  could actually boost Xi Jinping.
  • State media is getting all hot and bothered because anti-Japanese dramas, which are a staple of Chinese TV, are becoming too sexy.
  • Why did China agree to expansion of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and what does it mean for the group?
  • Three San Francisco Federal Reserve economists argue that monetary policy has a much stronger effect on China's economy than usually believed but the People's Bank of China hasn't used its monetary tools effectively.
  • China's online movie revenues predicted to reach box office levels in 5 years.
  • Penn State University has followed the University of Chicago in closing its Confucius Institute. Here are some Chinese microblog reactions to the closures.

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