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From the comments section: The political mood in Germany

From the comments section: The political mood in Germany
Published 16 Jul 2015 

Commenter Alex responded to a German comedy sketch we posted yesterday:

As a German resident following your blog with great interest, I do beg to differ on the conclusion Sam is making about the mood turning against the government.

Granted, this clip may have drawn substantial attention and demonstrated that German comedians (just like the German public) are not indiscriminately buying the narrative that only Greece is to blame for the crisis. Yet, to conclude that the mood is turning may be a bit premature. In particular, the sources being quoted in the clip deserve further scrutiny. Without having tallied them, it appears that the majority are taken from the German tabloid "BILD" - which regularly draws ridicule from liberal comedians (and rightly so in my humble opinion).

In my interpretation, the clip is thus rather directed against the narrative around the crisis - particularly the one employed by conservative and/or populist politicians and media outlets - than the handling itself.

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