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Abhijnan Rej

Abhijnan Rej is a Fellow at the Observer Research Foundation, India, working on multilateral economic relations, strategic dimensions of economic policies and computational economics.

Abhijnan's professional experience spans academia, the corporate world and public policy. Prior to ORF, he worked as the resident economist at JustJobs Network, as a scientist at TCS Quantitative Finance Group, and as a visiting member of faculty at the Institute of Mathematics and Applications, Bhubaneswar. He writes regularly on economics and geopolitics for various national and international outlets.

Articles by Abhijnan Rej (1)

  • Geoeconomics and geopolitics: India's tightrope

    Two recent events have brought into sharp focus a growing divide between India's geoeconomic and geopolitical strategies: India's failed bid for membership of the Nuclear Suppliers Group (NSG) in June – essentially scuttled by China – and the Modi Government's desire for closer defence ties with the US. The NSG issue, and the signing of some kind of logistical support agreement with the US , were high on the American agenda when US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter visited India in April.