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Anthony Burke

Anthony Burke was appointed to UNSW Canberra in February 2008, after three years in the School of Social Sciences and International Studies at UNSW in Sydney. He has taught previously at the Universities of Adelaide (2001-4) and Queensland (2001), and worked for two years as a research officer in the Senate's environment, arts and communications committee (1999-2000), where he co-authored reports on the ABC, the Jabiluka uranium mine and Australia's response to climate change. Anthony has published in the areas of security studies, international ethics, war and peace, Australian culture and foreign policy, East Asian security, Middle-East conflict, refugees, terrorism, and political and international relations theory. He is the author of Beyond Security, Ethics and Violence: War Against The Other (Routledge, 2007), Fear of Security: Australia's Invasion Anxiety (2nd ed. Cambridge, 2008).

Articles by Anthony Burke (1)

  • Whitlam's Indonesia leadership was far from 'visionary'

    It is certainly fitting to examine Gough Whitlam's foreign policy record and considerable achievements. However, in seeking to whitewash the controversy over Whitlam's role leading up to Indonesia's brutal invasion of East Timor in December 1975, Gary Hogan's piece does us all a great disservice. I concede that it would have been a difficult task to dissuade Indonesia from this course by mid-1975, and that a more principled policy may have led to some cooling in bilateral relations.