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Peter Briggs

Peter Briggs is a retired submarine specialist and a past President of the Submarine Institute of Australia. In March 2015 he visited DCNS’s submarine design, construction and in service support facilities at their expense. He remains an independent commentator, without commitment to support any of the contenders for the future submarine or frigate programs.

Articles by Peter Briggs (2)

  • Submarines: Build them here, and build 12

    Successive Defence White Papers have argued for an increase in the size of Australia's submarine capability to meet future strategic needs. Recent media speculation, however, suggests that the upcoming Defence White Paper will advocate for eight submarines with a later option for four more.
  • Why Australia's future submarines should be built at home

    In his post of 21 September on Australia's future submarines, Stephen Grenville cautioned against the arguments of regional and industrial lobbyists and challenged those who believe Australia's future submarines should be built at home rather than abroad to make the economic case. I suggest that readers consider the large volume of studies, commentary and reports already produced.