David Schaefer is an intern in the Lowy Institute's International Security Program.

  • Adding strategic context to the heated discussion at last weekend's Shangri-La Dialogue, Rory Medcalf calls for a new balance of uncertainty to navigate great power competition.
  • If the dialogue was a sign of more hard-edged diplomacy in the years ahead, should ASEAN abandon consensus for something more targeted?
  • Japan's Shinzo Abe delivered a strident address at Shangri-La, but Jens Wardenaer from IISS argues that the Prime Minister has yet to overcome pacifist opinion within his own coalition government, let alone the broader public.
  • After travelling to Beijing, Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak has redoubled his country's efforts to revive the stalled maritime code of conduct.
  • China's maritime behaviour is beginning to have an impact on Indonesia strategic thinking, where a shift in military focus to the South China Sea is underway.
  • As more details leak out from the recent Russian-Chinese gas deal, basic arithmetic suggests it will come at the expense of Gazprom's profits, strengthening China's negotiating hand in the Asian energy market.
  • According to Information Dissemination, trends in defence technology may also see China's armed forces reverse their historic dependency on Russian imports.
  • The Australian Senate's estimates hearings included a tense moment on Monday, after one Senator pressed for details about this country's military obligation to the US alliance in a potential regional conflict. Defence Department Secretary Dennis Richardson offered this blunt response: 'That's a hypothetical which we don't go to'.

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