Today the Lowy Institute launches a new interactive tool to encapsulate some of the vast array of data we've amassed in the nine years of our polling program.

For some people, pictures work better than words, particularly when the body of data becomes extensive and unwieldy to scan. Every Lowy Institute Poll report since the first in 2005 has provided a full set of tables so that readers can inspect the data for themselves. Some of the regular Poll questions now have a long history, such as the 'thermometer' measuring the warmth of Australians' feelings towards a range of other countries: over the years, 37 nations and one island (Bali) have had their temperature taken on the thermometer, with China, the US, Indonesia, India, Japan and Iran included every year.  

So we decided this year to supplement the dry diet of Poll data tables with some interactive graphics that will allow users to navigate through some of the most important Poll results. Here's one example from the thermometer, but click on the link to get the full interactive experience: