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Sunday 22 Jul 2018 | 01:34 | SYDNEY
Sunday 22 Jul 2018 | 01:34 | SYDNEY

Pacific links: PNG’s election, Vanuatu’s new president, Kiribati’s anniversary and more

The small village of Eita on Kirabiti becomes a separate island during high tide. (Photo: Jonas Gratzer/via Getty Images)



12 July 2017 15:22

  • PNG’s elections continue to attract attention and criticism. The members of the Election Advisory Committee resigned on Sunday, saying the Electoral Commission had not given them the information they needed to fulfil their obligation to assess the legitimacy of the election.
  • Stefan Armbruster provides an overview of the reactions to the resignations from prominent Papua New Guineans. It includes a scathing statement from former PNG Prime Minster Sir Mekere Morauta, calling for Australia to take some responsibility for the situation.
  • Despite these complications, counting has begun in a number of districts, with one winner already declared. People’s National Congress Party member James Marape has retained his seat of Tari-Pori in Hela Province.
  • Tensions remain high on the ground. Police have confirmed one person died and two were injured as a result of election-related violence in the Western Highlands while observers from both the Australian National University and Melanesian Spearhead Group missions were allegedly assaulted by security forces at a counting venue in Port Moresby.
  • In Fiji, the opposition has spoken out against the proposed budget saying that it favours big business and the elite.
  • Obed Tallis was elected President of Vanuatu last Friday. He has played an important role in Vanuatu public life as a leader of the Presbyterian Church.
  • Kiribati marks 38 years of independence today. The tiny atoll nation is most well-known internationally because of the existential threat it faces from climate change and rising sea levels.


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