• Pacific leaders met in Suva last week for a rare meeting with United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. They used the summit to ramp up demands that developed nations do more to fight climate change and promise deeper cuts to emissions.
  • Bal Kamal analyses the political situation in Papua New Guinea and explains the different scenarios resulting in a possible vote of no confidence against the O’Neill government in late May.
  • Pina reports on the demand made by several Solomon Islands MPs to a special envoy from Taipei to increase Taiwan’s funding support for the nation’s 50 Constituencies or Taipei would face a revolt by disgruntled politicians.
  • Eleanor Ainge Roy reports on Tuvalu, a small islands state that is drowning without anyone much caring.
  • In this blog, ni-Vanuatu seasonal worker Kalomel Sepa tells the story of his journey to New Zealand and how he accomplished his dream ­– being a photographer.
  • As a result from an accusation of an opposition MP, PNG’s Attorney-General has ordered a review of the citizenship status of all 111 members of Parliament, including Prime Minister Peter O'Neill, who’s accused of being a dual citizen.
  • A European Union report on Fiji states that the Media Industry Development Decree continues to impose pressure on journalists in the island.

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