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Unpacking the Asia Power Index – Podcast out today

The Lowy Institute’s Rules Based Audio podcast takes a deep dive into the 2019 Asia Power Index.

Unpacking the Asia Power Index – Podcast out today

This week on the Rules Based Audio podcast: power in Asia. Who’s got it, who’s losing it, and who’s using what they’ve got in the smartest way?

The world’s geopolitical centre of gravity is shifting to Asia; and tensions between the region's great powers threaten to shape this century. So how do we make sense of the shifting picture?

The Lowy Institute's 2019 Asia Power Index, out now, is the most comprehensive, data-backed analysis of power and influence in our region ever undertaken. For the second year running, it ranks 25 countries in terms of their capacity to influence other countries and regional events, based on extensive analysis of more than 30,000 data points.

The index evaluates state power through 126 indicators across eight thematic measures: military capability and defence networks, economic resources and relationships, diplomatic and cultural influence, as well as resilience and future resources. It’s a rich and interactive analytical tool that you can use right here.

Lead researchers Herve Lemahieu and Bonnie Bley define power as the capacity of a state to direct or influence the behavior of other states, non state actors, and the course of international events.

In this episode of Rules Based Audio, “The Octagon of Power”, Bonnie and Herve took me on a deep dive through the most interesting findings of the index and shared their illuminating insights into what it means for Asia’s geoeconomics and geopolitics.  

Rules Based Audio is the Lowy Institute’s new half-hour, fortnightly podcast, hosted by me, Kelsey Munro. Subscribe on your podcast platform or catch up on past episodes here

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