Mapping Chinese aid in the Pacific

In Mapping Chinese aid in the Pacific, Research Associate Dr Philippa Brant provides the first comprehensive survey of Chinese-funded aid projects in the Pacific Islands region, presented in the form of an interactive map.

“China has become a major donor in the region. The problem is however that no one has ever been quite clear about how much China gives and in what form. This has lead to suspicions about China’s intentions,” said the project author, Dr Brant.

The interactive map draws on over 500 sources, including budgets, tender documents, government statements, as well as interviews and site visits. It is the first time this data has been systemically collected, verified, analysed and mapped for Chinese aid projects from 2006 onwards. Users can conduct searches via country, year and sector, as well as compare Chinese aid with other aid donors in the region.

“Greater transparency around China’s aid will help Pacific Island governments and other development partners make informed decisions about where and how best to engage with China in the region,” said Dr Brant. 

Mapping Chinese aid in the Pacific