The World After COVID
This article is more than 4 years old

First published as a digital feature in April 2020, this Analysis features Lowy Institute experts' views on the impact the COVID-19 pandemic will have across a diverse range of countries as well as global and national interests. They examine the effects on the United States, China, the Pacific and Southeast Asia; US-China competition; the international economy; globalisation; the proliferation of misinformation and extremism; and the implications for Australia's diplomacy.  

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Areas of expertise: Australian foreign policy; US politics and foreign policy; Asia and the Pacific; Global institutions
Areas of expertise: Regional economic integration; Australia's economic relations with East Asia; international financial flows and the global financial architecture; financial sector development in East Asia
Areas of expertise: Terrorism and violent extremism; digital technology; disinformation; authoritarianism; national security; emergency management and countering violent extremism; crisis and natural disasters; radicalisation; counterterrorism; policy; Middle East; US national security
Areas of expertise: Public opinion polling; Australian and international diplomacy, public diplomacy and consular affairs
Areas of expertise: Pacific and PNG; international development assistance; international health challenges; global issues impacting on indigenous peoples
Areas of expertise: China’s political system and the workings and structure of the communist party; China’s foreign relations, with an emphasis on ties with Japan, the two Koreas, and Southeast Asia; Australia’s relations with Asia.
Areas of expertise: International security; defence and security; Chinese defence policy
Areas of expertise: Pacific economic development; Australia-Melanesia relations; Australian foreign aid and the Pacific
Areas of expertise: Strategy and geopolitics; global governance; Australian foreign policy; Southeast Asia; Data analysis
Areas of expertise: Southeast Asian politics and foreign policy; South China Sea; regional economic trends; China-ASEAN relations; Indonesia; Malaysia; Vietnam; Hong Kong
Areas of expertise: International economic policy; Asia Pacific economies; macroeconomics; economic development; aid and development finance; globalisation; geo-economics.  
Areas of expertise: China’s domestic politics; public opinion polling; human rights; Australian foreign policy; Taiwan; Indo-Pacific strategy