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Australia can learn from Tokyo's smarter approach to China
Japan has played its Beijing cards more intelligently than Canberra. Originally published in Nikkei Asia.
Australian election 2022: Big businesses, small productivity gains
Originally published in The Canberra Times.
America Is Up—and China Is Down—in Asia
But U.S. Power Faces Threats at Home. Originally published in Foreign Affairs. 
Managing Asia’s bipolar disorder
US standing is up, China has been dragged down and middle nations have seen a steady decline in their influence, according to the latest Lowy Institute Asia Power Index…
Solomon Islands unrest not helped by foreign powers behaving badly
While geopolitics may have been a spark, the true drivers of this week’s unrest go much deeper than foreign policy. Originally published in the Australian Financial Review.
Australia’s early intervention can help Solomon Islands but the roots of the conflict run deep
Honiara has awoken to a calmer scene but tension lingers as quelling the violent protests has not resolved their underlying causes. Originally published in The Guardian.
US seeks recalibration, but China is unlikely to reciprocate
Washington wanted the Biden-Xi meeting to establish guardrails to prevent confrontation. Beijing will probably see that as just code for maintenance of the US-dominated status quo…
Confessions of a Reserve Bank board member
Originally published in The Canberra Times