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China Is Beating the U.S. in the Battle for Influence in Asia
Originally published in The New York Times.
What should we talk to Beijing about?
There no longer seems to be a question of whether Australia and China should be talking. It’s now down to how we actually do so. Originally published in the Australian Financial…
How Shah Rukh Khan can help with India’s ‘Act East’ policy
Originally published in The Times of India.
The uses and the limits of the Quad
The Quad prevents China getting its own way all the time. But bilateral relations in the rest of the region are just as important in constraining Beijing. Originally published in…
Duelling diplomacy in the Pacific should dispel the notion of a China-Australia reset
However much either side tempers their rhetoric, regional competition is the name of the game. Originally published in the Guardian.
China's own hotheadedness reinforces Quad's strategic importance
Biden aiming to shore up what the body stands for with first trip to the region. Originally published in Nikkei Asia.
How do we keep an eye on our spies?
Our intelligence services have never been more important to us, and democratic governance is part of their strength. But do we need to look at this again? Originally published in…
The second age of globalisation is beginning to buckle
The ripple effects of the Russo-Ukrainian war are spreading and intensifying. Deglobalisation will jeopardise the prosperity and welfare of millions. Originally published in The…
Xi Jinping steps up China’s political divorce from the West
China’s leader has dug in over his COVID-zero policy and his loyalty to Vladimir Putin – and his reasoning does not bode well for the West. Originally published in the Australian…