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The Hong Kong protests are an expression of years of pent-up anger
Originally published in The Telegraph. Ben Bland
Hong Kong’s Moment of Reckoning
China’s encroachment on the former colony’s autonomy threatens to undermine the foundations of its economic success. Originally published in Bloomberg Opinion. Ben…
New PNG prime minister, same problems
Touting a new narrative of the Pacific family, Scott Morrison is profoundly changing where the Pacific fits into Australian foreign policy. Originally published in the Australian…
Is Australia Next?
Amid the sound and fury of US President Donald Trump, European populists, and Brexiteers, it is tempting to think that Australia has been spared from the political turmoil…
Hong Kong is Set for a U.S.-China Showdown
A controversial extradition bill has exposed the region’s autonomy as a fiction. Originally published in Foreign Policy. Ben Bland
Countering Hanson's legacy in Asia
For a country which has squandered its soft power over the last decade, Australia needs to grab foreign policy advantages where it finds them. Originally published in the…
Time for Australia's campaigning leaders to debate China?
Politicians avoid arousing voter concern despite Huawei and South China Sea disputes.  Originally published in Nikkei Asian Review.Richard McGregor
Indonesian strongman lost, but identity politics won
Originally published in the Australian Financial Review.Ben Bland
Great disrupter’s Mid-East missteps
Originally published in The Australian. Rodger Shanahan