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Policy Briefs
Refining the G-20 agenda
The G-20 Leaders will meet in London in April, faced by the most serious economic downturn for seventy years. The London agenda bears two heavy burdens.Stephen Grenville
Policy Briefs
Confronting reality: responding to war criminals living in Australia
In this Policy Brief, Fergus Hanson looks at the Australian government's current approach to suspected war criminals living here.Fergus Hanson
Policy Briefs
Shared challenges and solutions: Australia unique contribution to the future of African development
As part of its commitment to increase spending on overseas development assistance, the Australian government has announced a substantial re-engagement with Africa.Joel Negin ,…
Policy Briefs
The sting of climate change
Climate change is not only affecting where people live and prosper but also where mosquitoes do. This is bad news for northern Australia and Australia's northern neighbours. In a…
Policy Briefs
Beyond good governance
Australian aid has not been effective in helping the Pacific Islands region make significant progress in meeting the Millennium Development Goals.Jenny Hayward-Jones
Policy Briefs
Nuclear security: what else can Australia do?
Nuclear dangers are growing, yet so is a new 'realistic idealist' campaign for nuclear disarmament.Rory Medcalf
Policy Briefs
So what? Matching policy to Australian interests in West Asia
In a new Lowy institute Policy Brief, West Asia Program Director Anthony Bubalo argues that the evolution of Australian policy in West Asia (the Middle East and Southwest Asia)…
Policy Briefs
The dragon in the Pacific: more opportunity than threat
China runs an opaque aid program in the Pacific that has fuelled suspicions about its motives in the region and that undermines efforts to improve accountability, governance and…
Policy Briefs
Why the Gulf matters: crafting an Australian security policy for the Gulf
The imminent withdrawal of Australian combat forces from Iraq does not mean that the Arabian Gulf is peripheral to Australia's strategic interests. Rodger Shanahan