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Lowy Institute Papers
Australia and Indonesia: current problems, future prospects
Since the fall of President Suharto in 1998, Australia-Indonesia relations have been quite volatile with the Indonesian Ambassador to Australia being withdrawn briefly in 2006,…
Lowy Institute Papers
Second thoughts on globalisation
Globalisation is one of the key forces shaping the global economy. It is also a policy choice.Mark Thirlwell
Lowy Institute Papers
Howard's decade
Paul Kelly evaluates John Howard's foreign policy, dealing with his attitudes towards the US, Asia, the use of military power and his strategic approach to Australia's role in the…
Lowy Institute Papers
Beyond the Defence of Australia
In Lowy Institute Paper 16, entitled 'Beyond the defence of Australia: finding a new balance in Australian strategic policy', Visiting Fellow Professor Hugh White examines the…
Lowy Institute Papers
Mindanao: a gamble worth taking
A Lowy Institute Paper by Dr Malcolm Cook and Dr Kit Collier analyses the prospects for peace in Mindanao and the threats facing the peace process.Malcolm Cook , Kit Collier
Lowy Institute Papers
Quiet boom
After fifteen years of uninterrupted growth, Australia's quiet economic boom shows no signs of ending. John Edwards
Lowy Institute Papers
Pitfalls of Papua: understanding the conflict and its place in Australia-Indonesia relations
In Pitfalls of Papua: understanding the conflict and its place in Australia-Indonesia relations, Dr Rodd McGibbon calls on the Australian government to engage more actively in the…
Lowy Institute Papers
Diaspora: The World Wide Web of Australians
In this Lowy Institute Paper, Dr Michael Fullilove argues that national diasporas are like ‘“world wide webs”’, with dense, interlocking strands spanning the globe and binding…
Lowy Institute Papers
Heating up the planet: climate change and security
This is a path-breaking examination of the potential implications for national and regional security that stem from the emerging non-traditional security challenge ‘climate change…