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The war in Ukraine
The Lowy Institute hosted a special panel on International Women's Day to discuss the unfolding war in Ukraine.
Towards a Better Vaccine Diplomacy
If vaccine diplomacy is the new great game, it is being played wrong by all sides, with the risk that no one will be left a winner. Originally published in The Diplomat.
‘Bring it on’: Six reasons why sanctions won’t bring Putin to heel
Originally published in The Sydney Morning Herald.
The world that Vladimir Putin wants to see
The Russian President would rather have a global disorder where Russia is central, than an order where it is peripheral. Originally published in the Australian Financial Review.
West must inflict a hammer blow to Russia’s economy
Originally published in The Australian.
Myanmar question is forcing ASEAN to remake itself
Many fear that overt displays of disharmony will do long-term damage. Originally published in Nikkei Asia.
There is an economic front line too
National security in Australia usually has a khaki tinge to it. But the fragility of global supply chains and potential for coercion means the economy must be recruited as well…
America and Australia Are Back on the Same Page
How Biden Revived the Alliance. Originally published in Foreign Affairs.