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The new geography of global diplomacy
China advances as the US retreats.  Originally published in Foreign Affairs. Bonnie Bley
Don’t Write Off Hong Kong’s Radicals
Beijing can’t afford to demonize and repress the young activists on the extreme edge of the city’s massive protests.  Originally published in Bloomberg Opinion. Ben…
Donald Trump's plan to bomb Iran shows strategy gap
Originally published on ABC Online Rodger Shanahan
A vital cog in the leader's great plan
Originally published in The Sunday Times.Richard McGregor
PNG must respect voters and help form world’s newest nation
Originally published in The Australian.Shane McLeod , Jonathan Pryke
Debt-trap diplomacy not happening yet, but cause for concern
Originally published in The Australian.Roland Rajah
Why the day of the party is done
Originally published in the Australian Financial Review.Sam Roggeveen
Australia's PNG step-up in a tumultuous year
Originally published in The Australian Financial Review. Shane McLeod , Jonathan Pryke
The battle for Hong Kong's soul
This is not just about a law. It is the identity of an exceptional city that is at stake. Originally published in the Australian Financial Review.Ben Bland