I guess it can't be a coincidence that this trailer is released right on the 100th anniversary of the start of World War I, although the release date for the film is not yet clear.

This trailer raises a broader question in my mind: what are the great films about World War I?

I was raised on epic World War II movies (off the top of my head: Patton, The Big Red One, Saving Private Ryan, A Bridge Too Far, The Thin Red Line, Bridge over the River Kwai) but the Great War? I sat through All Quiet on the Western Front when I was in high school (the 1979 version with Ernest Borgnine — weird), but I really can't think of any prominent World War I movies, let alone great ones.

Leave your nominations in the comments thread or send them to blogeditor@lowyinstitute.org.

UPDATE: See suggestions in the comments thread and on Twitter (including Lawrence of Arabia, which is pretty bleeding obvious, though I guess I was thinking of 'trench' movies).

(H/t Slashfilm.)