I always look for political subtext and commentary in the film trailers I show you, and I think it's particularly interesting to see such references in Hollywood blockbusters, because they are mass-market products for an increasingly global market, which suggests that these political messages have resonance with audiences around the world.

In the case of the new Matt Damon scifi thriller Elysium, there is political subtext aplenty: environmental degradation, electronic surveillance, robot warfare, and perhaps most prominently, economic inequality. In fact, judging by the synopsis for the film, the space station known as Elysium looks like the ultimate gated community.

Judging by the brief glimpses in this trailer, the design of the Elysium space station draws on the space colony artwork that NASA dreamed up in the 70s. As a kid, I used to pore over these images in picture books about space travel and imagine the idealised lifestyles portrayed in these orbiting utopias. The makers of Elysium have rather abruptly subverted that image.