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Pacific links: PNG spice, talking to the region

Mapping aid in the Pacific, questions about infrastructure and more links about the Pacific by The Interpreter team.

Photo: Sarah Fagg/Flickr
Photo: Sarah Fagg/Flickr

  • On Thursday, the Lowy Institute will launch its Pacific Aid Map, an analytical tool designed to enhance aid effectiveness in the Pacific by improving coordination, alignment, and accountability of foreign aid through enhanced transparency of aid flows. Stay tuned to the Lowy Institute website.
  • Samoa becomes the regional hub of the Pacific this week as government officials from the region converge in Apia for the Pacific Islands Forum Foreign Ministers meeting.
  • Should Australian aid focus more on infrastructure issues in the Pacific? Matt Dornan writes about DFAT and the new vision of aid in the region.
  • The Asian Development Bank explains its latest project in Nauru: the delivery of new “state-of-the-art power generators” to provide the island with reliable and affordable electricity.
  • In this article, Melissa Davey reports on the trial between a refugee family in Nauru and the Australian Government to decide on where, between Australia and Taiwan, to send a critically ill refugee baby for medical treatments.
  • According to Scott Waide, the PNG spice industry is potentially worth 100 million kina. But this industry has been neglected for a long time. This short documentary shows how local farmers are making it a successful export industry.
  • To finish, here is a confronting piece by Dan McGarry on Australian’s engagement in the Pacific, who also offers recommendations on what the Australia should do with respect to its communication in the region.


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