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Health system strengthening in Papua New Guinea: exploring the role of demand-responsive mechanisms
This Lowy Institute Analysis by Julienne McKay and Dr Katherine Lepani, exploring the role of demand-responsive mechanisms in health services delivery in Papua New Guinea,…
Policy Briefs
Revitalising Papua New Guinea’s health system: the need for creative approaches
The scale of public health challenges in Papua New Guinea heightens the need to improve management capacity and ensure value for money. Proposed changes to health facility…
Linking growth and poverty reduction in Papua New Guinea
Recent impressive economic growth has helped many Papua New Guineans escape poverty. Those lifted from poverty retain strong connections to the economy, its active participants…
Policy Briefs
China: stumbling through the Pacific
A new Policy Brief on China's aid program in the Pacific provides the most detailed picture yet of China's approach to aid-giving in the region. Fergus Hanson
Policy Briefs
Fiji: the flailing state
The abrogation of Fiji's constitution could precipitate an economic collapse in Fiji, jeopardising regional stability and Australia's interests.Jenny Hayward-Jones
Policy Briefs
Beyond good governance
Australian aid has not been effective in helping the Pacific Islands region make significant progress in meeting the Millennium Development Goals.Jenny Hayward-Jones
Policy Briefs
The dragon in the Pacific: more opportunity than threat
China runs an opaque aid program in the Pacific that has fuelled suspicions about its motives in the region and that undermines efforts to improve accountability, governance and…
The dragon looks south
China refuses to release figures on the size of its aid program. In this new Lowy Institute Analysis, Fergus Hanson takes a region-wide look at the scale of China’s aid program,…
Policy Briefs
China and Taiwan in the South Pacific: diplomatic chess versus Pacific political rugby
In this Lowy Institute Policy Brief, Graeme Dobell looks at how the competition for diplomatic recognition between China and Taiwan is destabilising Island states and undermining…