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Policy Briefs
Geeing up the G-20
In this Policy Brief, Malcolm Cook and Mark Thirlwell make the case for a greater role for the G-20 in the international economic architecture.Malcolm Cook , Mark Thirlwell
Policy Briefs
Looking after Australians overseas
As the number of Australians travelling and living overseas continues to increase, Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) has been forced to devote a growing…
Policy Briefs
Stopping a nuclear arms race between America and China
China and America may be at the start of a destabilising nuclear arms race, as China tries to preserve its ability to deter US nuclear attack in the light of US missile defences…
Policy Briefs
Design faults: the Asia Pacific’s regional architecture
In a new Policy Brief, Lowy Institute Executive Director Allan Gyngell argues that the Asia Pacific region has too many regional organisations, yet they are still unable to do all…
Policy Briefs
Uranium for India: avoiding the pitfalls
Ron Walker, a former Australian Permanent Representative to the International Atomic Energy Agency, warns that selling uranium to India without the same legal obligations and non…
Policy Briefs
A Long Hot Summer
In this Lowy Institute Policy Brief, William Maley and Daoud Yaqub explore the implications of the looming Taliban Spring offensive on the international reconstruction and…
Policy Briefs
Reinventing 'West Asia'
In conjunction with the launch of the Lowy Institute's West Asia program, Anthony Bubalo, Director of the new program, argues why the Middle East and South Asia increasingly…
Policy Briefs
HIV/AIDS: The looming Asia Pacific pandemic
In a Policy Brief on HIV/AIDS in the Asia Pacific, Bill Bowtell calls for both a doubling of global funding for the response to the HIV pandemic, and a radical overhaul of…
Policy Briefs
China and Taiwan in the South Pacific: diplomatic chess versus Pacific political rugby
In this Lowy Institute Policy Brief, Graeme Dobell looks at how the competition for diplomatic recognition between China and Taiwan is destabilising Island states and undermining…