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How much debt is too much
How much debt is too much?Stephen GrenvilleNikkei Report3 March 2015Please click here for the online text.Stephen Grenville
The G20 at the end of 2014
This issue of the G20 Monitor reflects on the state of the G20 at the end of 2014, and offers suggestions for the path forward during Turkey’s 2015 G20 Presidency.Tristram…
G20 Monitor: The G20’s growth agenda
This issue of the G20 Monitor provides a guide to the policies that G20 members will have to tackle to achieve the G20’s 2 per cent growth target, drawing on the recommendations…
G20 Brisbane Summit Form Guide: What will make the Summit a success?
In this Lowy Institute Analysis, G20 Studies Centre Director Mike Callaghan examines what outcomes from the Brisbane G20 Summit in November would help reinvigorate the forum and…
China Australia relationship needs to broaden from trade
China-Australia relationship needs to broaden from tradeJames BrownThe Saturday Paper30 August 2014Please click here for the online text.James Brown
G20 2014: Reform of the international organisations, financial regulation, trade, accountability and anti-corruption
This issue of the G20 Monitor discusses the reform of international economic institutions, financial regulation, and the trade, accountability and anti-corruption agendas at the…
G20 2014: The G20 Brisbane Summit, inequality, energy and anti-corruption
The 12th edition of the G20 monitor contains an overview from John Lipsky on the G20’s role in global governance after the global financial crisis; a paper by Geoff Weir on the…
Beyond the boom
Lowy Institute Papers
Beyond the boom
In this Lowy Institute Paper, Dr John Edwards, Nonresident Fellow at the Lowy Institute, challenges the pessimism about the Australian economy. The mining boom is far from over –…
G20: dealing with too-big-to-fail banks, corporate tax avoidance, and development
This issue of the G20 Monitor addresses the ‘too big to fail’ dilemma of major financial institutions, combating tax evasion and avoidance through ‘base erosion and profit…