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Erin Watson-Lynn

Erin Watson-Lynn is Head of Programs at Perth USAsia Centre, Australia's leading think tank for strengthening relationships between Australia, the Indo-Pacific and the United States. Previously Erin was Director of Asialink Diplomacy at the University of Melbourne, a centre for diplomacy innovation, Track II dialogues, and research on Australia’s engagement with Asia. 

Erin has represented Australia at G20 engagement groups meetings in Turkey, China, Argentina and Japan. In late 2018 Erin co-founded the Latam-Australia Emerging Leaders Dialogue. Erin is regularly invited to speak at roundtables, dialogues, and as a keynote around South Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East. She is a State Department IVLP alumna, and in 2019 visited Syrian refugee camps with Save the Children in Jordan and Lebanon. 

Erin has published academic and opinion pieces in China, India, and Australia and regularly provides commentary on television and radio including ABC’s Q&A, the Drum, and SKY NEWS Australia's Politics HQ, the Bolt Report and the Friday Show.

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