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Saleem Javed

Saleem Javed, a medical doctor by profession, is a human rights activist from Quetta, Pakistan and based in Gothenburg, Sweden. He contributes to Pakistan’s English media such as Dawn Media Group, The Daily Times and The Friday Times. He has appeared on Al Jazeera and the US ABC network.

Articles by Saleem Javed (2)

  • Afghan president's heavy hand against protesters

    Rising anger against a decision to change the route of a vital electricity supply line in Afghanistan is becoming more and more visible — both inside and outside the country. Before the global Anti Corruption Summit in London earlier this month, British Prime Minister David Cameron was famously caught on camera telling the Queen that leaders of two 'fantastically corrupt' countries were attending the summit, namely Afghanistan and Nigeria. Afghan president Ashraf Ghani came anyway, saying he
  • The desperate plight of fleeing Afghans

    The EU recently reached an agreement with Turkey to send asylum seekers back to Turkey if they come to Europe illegally. The deal will mostly affect Afghan citizens who make up the second-largest group of asylum seekers.