Monday 16 May 2022 | 17:07 | SYDNEY
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Paul Kelly and Troy Bramston on 'The Truth of the Palace Letters’

The authors of 'The Truth of the Palace Letters: Deceit, Ambush and Dismissal in 1975' have a conversation on the implications of the Palace Letters for the Australian Constitution, democracy, and the debate on an Australian republic. This conversation was moderated by Alex Oliver, Director of Research at the Lowy Institute, and hosted as in-person event at the Lowy Institute in Sydney.

After a protracted legal battle, the ‘Palace Letters’ were released by the National Archives of Australia to the public in July 2020. In their latest book on the 1975 dismissal, Paul Kelly and Troy Bramston have delved into hundreds of the released documents, together with newly discovered archival material and interviews. The result is a revealing analysis of the workings of the constitutional monarchy, the complex web of relationships between the Queen in Buckingham Palace and the Governor-General in Canberra, and more broadly between Australia and the United Kingdom.

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